Saturday, October 12, 2013

'Covert Messiah'

London (PRWEB UK) 8 October 2013
American Biblical scholar Joseph Atwill will be appearing before the British public for the first time in London on the 19th of October to present a controversial new discovery: ancient confessions recently uncovered now prove, according to Atwill, that the New Testament was written by first-century Roman aristocrats and that they fabricated the entire story of Jesus Christ. His presentation will be part of a one-day symposium entitled "Covert Messiah" at Conway Hall in Holborn (full details can be found at

Does this sound just a tad like the Koch Brothers working overtime to reformulate the Constitution of the United States?  Well, it does to me.  The K Brothers must have done some reading in 1st century Roman literature.  

Probably not since neither is well enough classically educated to read early Latin.  However, they have enough money to pay scholars to feed them information that is reputed to have changed the world.  I love this article and hope you will take a look yourself. Discussion the subject of whether the Jesus  story is a creative non-fiction or a fiction manuscript (read that The New Testament) ought to be alive and well here on the Internet.

Please know that I am all smiles at discovering this tidbit to share with you.