Monday, October 28, 2013

Coot's Catastrophe - tiny excerpt

I smiled, shook my head and walked out the front door headed for the slough.

Now slough is a tough word for those of us who live in more urban areas of the country.  It suggests a morass of waste water unfiltered and unclean. But, here in this corner of the world, the slough is the center of bird life, a slow moving waterway located in a slump of the prairie.  The slough bordering Flaxton is over a mile long and about a quarter mile wide.  It runs west to south east and hooks up with several other small bodies of water to make up what is called locally referred to as Stoney Run.  The surface waterway ends at North Gate Dam where the surface water halts.  There water filters into an underground aquifer connecting with Des Lac, a much larger lake about twenty miles farther east. Like prairie personalities, the energy under the surface is far more important than what can be accessed above.