Wilderness — A Meditation

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Modern Myth: Where Tomorrow and Yesterday Collide

“Our personal stories often resemble Greek sagas.”
Kaye Healey Coming of Age In Our 50s and 60s

In the midst of adrenalin pumping adventure, the journey begins as a quest. The personal metamorphoses into the universal. One woman’s search for serenity mirrors every woman’s desire for a resilient sense of distinct identity. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Susan Cain on Introversion

Thank you TED
Thank you You Tube
For making this video available.  As a strong introvert, I hope to share these thoughts with as many folk as possible.  As a former high school English teacher, I feel it is essential that business and education pay attention to the research on how we learn, how we manifest our individual creativity.  This video is one way I can spread the word; the words I believe to be important.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Holden, Ralph, and Jack

“These desks need to be organized into a circle.  Let’s start with you, Pete. Turn your desk towards the center of the room.  Hank, push those others desks aside and move next to Pete.”
 “Ms Tryon, do I have to sit next to him?  I’d rather talk to my homie, Charles,” asked the second string linesman of our high school football team.  I remembered him from the previous semester, one of those young men who passed only the classes he needed to stay eligible during the fall semester.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kate Calling

Mike held a cool towel to her forehead. As she stopped breathing, he said, “Keep talking to her, Sis.”

I did. She shuddered; small, short spasms shook her body for a very few seconds, after which her eyes closed, and the carotid artery in her neck kept beating.  Isn't it strange that death is when the heart stops, not when the will stops? It takes the autonomic system to call it quits.

Then her heart stopped. No more movement, no more lungs struggling for air.

Mike and I, standing at her head, hugged. “She was a good woman,” he whispered.

“No, she wasn't; she was a bitch.”

“She was our bitch, then,” he responded and we laughed and hugged tighter than ever.