Monday, August 19, 2013

Darlings - Dross off to the Garbage Can

Hello, hello...

Am in the midst of doing the umpteenth edit of my larger than life manuscript which now is entitled Time Travel in the Antipodes: A Journal of Recovery or maybe just : A Journal.

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Anyhow, the manuscript has been growing for over five years now and is currently about 78,000 words on some 389 pages.  The plot concerns the journey of recovery  from rather severe childhood abuse of one American woman who looks back over seventy-two years to offer hope to others who have been likewise mistreated in their early youth.

It is an adventure story, a love story, a coming of age rather late in life story, a travel tale, a metaphor of one of the universal Greek myths — the Demeter-Persephone dilemma.  One editor told me it was too much.  She suggested I narrow my perspective and just write one of these stories.  I can't do that.  They are intertwined so thoroughly that one without the others is - well, is ineffectual and boring. 

Life is complex, not simple.  Life is full of contradictions and variety.  Literature needs to reflect that amazing milieu mixed up in the formulation of one life - lived so far for seventy-two years.  I suppose I could write a story for each decade and call it a series.  How boring.  I am not in my seventh decade. I am a compilation of seventy-two years of experience.  Just not interested in sharing part of me.  It's all or nothing.  I'm sure you understand.  I think it's an INFJ thing, actually.

However, today, I scratched two pages of  darlings — the charming little tidbits that an author has come to love, to depend on, and that must be omitted from the text cause they just don't add depth or complexity to the story.  Maybe I'll find another spot to put these darlings and maybe I won't.  But, at the moment I am mourning their demise and just thought I ought to share those very strong feelings with my blog reading public.

I think I'll be ready to send the whole finished manuscript off to Kirkus Review for a 'review' soon.  And if they appreciate my work, I'll be self publishing because as I have noted previously on these pages, I have been rejected by the best and the worst — some 200+ agents and publishers.  Not deterred though, just sent back to the drawing board to refine, edit, and rewrite.  I am determined.