Thursday, July 11, 2013

Marble Canyon - The Colorado River

Yesterday I was kayaking in Marble Canyon on the Colorado River  (mostly all alone) and the mysticism inherent in the natural scene allowed me to feel the presence of that which earlier Rick referred to as the divine.  One yellow wildflower, thirteen steel blue herons gliding over the water, and an ephemeral lizard flicking his tail to tell me to keep off his territory, a trout jumping entirely out of the water to catch a gnat, riffles in the midst of calm waters, red rock walls a thousand feet high, blue skies, and the sun blocked by miraculous clouds reaching so far one couldn't quite see where they began - just being in such a place is tantamount to communing with majesty, divine majesty..and I don't need a god nor a goddess to understand how small and insignificant,alive or dead, my place in the universe is..