Friday, July 19, 2013


He strode back, turned me around, and plucked two black pencil-lead wiggling leeches off my shoulders. Overhanging the lovely bench were rain forest ferns onto which several black devils clung, waiting for some unsuspecting tourist; dinner for a month.

“Euuuuuu,” every muscle in my body twinged, goose bumps blossomed on my arms. I stood, feeling the perspiration of fear wet my armpits. Finally, my vocal chords found sound. “Thank you, how did you know?”

'”I've been on this track before. Leeches thrive here; they particularly like Americans,” he deadpanned.

Only three centimeters long as they began their attack, they had the ability to grow into full-on blood syringes.

We walked on. Every muscle shuddering, I found myself less impressed with the scenery and far more involved in checking out who was dangling from which plants. Wait-a-while vines turned into possible homes for interlopers. Low lying ground clover became a perch for tiny Draculas.