Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Arthur Clark on Intelligence

 A post from Facebook by Richard Sutton: 
I stole this because I couldn't resist sharing it with y'all.
 . . . recently stumbled across an extended 1995 interview with Arthur C. Clarke, including the following: "In fact, one of the arguments for searching for intelligent life in space, elsewhere, is that we have no evidence that intelligence has any survival value. The most successful creatures on this planet are the cockroaches. They've been around, what is it, 100 million years or so and I suspect they'll still be there 100 million years in the future. Maybe intelligence is an evolutionary aberration which dooms its possessors in the way armor may have doomed some of the dinosaurs."
How can the minds of five billion humans ever begin to compete with what must be a 'community consciousness' of a billion billion cockroaches? That's what I wonder