Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wataarka Sunrise - Chapter Last

 The last edit: All the commas, semi-colons, quotation marks, periods, question marks and spelling have been double checked.  Hopefully, I've missed no errors. Below is the beginning of the last chapter of Das Book which will be uploaded next week onto Smashwords where it will be available to the reading public.  HOORAY!

Trap Door Spiders, Taipan and Brown snakes, two of Australia’s ten most poisonous snakes, jellyfish, the touch of whose tentacles killed immediately, and of course Great Whites patrolling the coastline of the continent. 

I joked with my American friends that all they had to do was walk along the beach instead of swim in the infamous rip tides and keep their fingers out of spider holes buried deep in the garden and they would be safe.  Of course, the Huntsman spiders, who were as large as the palm of my hand and lived comfortably with us in the old colonial would still be off putting. 

The big spiders were a goddess send.  They ate the moths and other smaller spiders, flies, midges and mosquitoes that otherwise would have inundated the house with no screens nor glass on the windows. These behemoths never bothered the human residents of the house. They were too busy munching the smaller irritants. 

Some Americans  who did come to visit complained about the carpet pythons, who in our neighborhood found kittens a favorite meal, but they only ate once or twice a month and the kittens, who were voracious hunters, were decimating the birds I loved most. The felines were an invasive species imported like me. Certainly the pythons endangered us not at all unless they were stretched out across the pavement sunning themselves near my favorite hiking trail.  I did have to wait an additional twenty minutes to drive home one day to allow a particularly long and stunning sea blue and green fellow to undulate across the road.