Thursday, June 06, 2013

Sunny Sunny Prairie Late Spring Day

Oi, what a day I've had today. 

A 30 mile journey across the moraine to Powers Lake through brilliant green fields with picture perfect farmsteads left and right breaking up the undulating land forms.

A treatment by the Prairie's best chiropractor along with convo about all that matters in life - family, children, friends, and, of course, the weather. 

A purchase of the proper fittings for the public toilets in Flaxton.  They work again after a lengthy and onerous winter season.

Pork for lunch washed down with Prairie coffee I actually had to cut with a bit of water.

A forest fire all round an abandoned house here in Flaxton.  What a surprise. No worries, the ex-fire chief of the no longer existing Flaxton Fire Service was on hand.

A bout with the flower pots.  The front of the house is a miracle of color this evening. Peas and pumpkins, and colorful flowerettes abound.

A cutting of the fallen limb of the old Ash that fell directly onto one of the very alive fir trees in the front garden.  Most of the limb now rests beside the slough and the fir tree stands tall again

A long talk with Freeman about life in the second grade and his plans for summer vacation

A long talk with Harry about fire, State Fire Department fines for burying asbestos, missing fire department funds, snow removal in March. 

And finally a dinner of left overs with my honey who worked especially hard today.