Thursday, May 02, 2013

Singing Over the Bones

 Aye, and a wonder it is that this day there have been three topics catching my attention and demanding to be posted in American in Oz.  Please note that below are the last two paragraphs of a blog entry by Sharon Blackie in her blog entry entitled Singing Over the Bones.

I so want to join her next year as she and a few select others spend time ruminating over the issues of being women in the wild.  Please take note that the blog address is at the end of this post.

". . . All of this is why, from spring 2014, I’ll be offering ‘Singing Over the Bones’ and other residential retreats here in the Outer Hebrides, in Uig. We have nothing quite like the wonderful Moniack Mhor, but we have some very fine holiday houses, and they’ll provide an excellent and comfortable base from which to explore both our inner and outer landscapes. Here, among some of the most remote, wild and beautiful scenery in the UK, we’ll explore mountain, sea and bog and all of its associated wildlife. For me, it will be very much easier to talk about the ways in which we connect to place and develop a sense of belonging in a landscape where I know both the natural and cultural history, whose stories I can tell, and whose birds and beasts I am familiar with. There will also be side trips to the croft for those willing to get a little sheep shit on their boots, and of course we’re not too far from the spectacular Callanish stones … Getting here is easier than it might look from the map; we hope that retreat participants will see the journey across the sea to the Western Isles as the beginning of a kind of pilgrimage, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure that people have smooth journeys and all the help and advice they need to make it a memorable experience.
If you’re interested in the retreats (we’ll also be running mixed-sex retreats from 2014, as well as offering tailor-made courses for organisations and groups) please check out this page and register your interest, as there will only be a few places available. (For those of you interested specifically in ‘Singing Over the Bones’, please check out the new website for course reviews, reflective and new writing from participants:";postID=4600261509849339347