Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pitching Your Book - A Little Advice

Why Writers Should Ask Themselves ‘Can You Do This?’

How do you prepare for pitching your next article or book? On today’s edition of the Morning Media Menu, we spoke with Daniel Pink, the bestselling author of To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others.
Pink explored his new book, sharing some unexpected rejection advice for writers. He also explained how he used Qualtrics Research Suite to gather reporting for his book. Here’s an excerpt:
If you’re going to pitch a book or pitch an article to a magazine editor, the conventional view is that we should pump ourselves up that we should say to ourselves, “You can do it!” Positive, affirmative self-talk. What the research shows is that it’s actually more effective to questions your abilities. To go from “You can do it” to “Can you do this?” Because questions, by their very nature, elicit an active response. So when you say “Can you do this?” you have to answer. And in that answer is the preparation, the rehearsal and the review of the strategy. I’ve used that a lot, going from positive, affirmative self-talk to interrogative self-talk.