Thursday, April 04, 2013

My Friend - The Scots Australian

When your friend describes her expierience and you suddenly realize that it is your experience; when she uses words that are better than the words you have been able to conjure in an attempt to symbolize the experience; when her metaphor is so perfectly your own; then, my dear, you have found a person with whom you must be sure to remain in contact.

 My friend lives in a gum tree wilderness of exquisite beauty, full of the grey green forests of central coast Australia, high on a hill above a lovely pastoral valley most of which is still covered with  euclypt forests.  In this pocket of strange Australian flora and fauna, she brings a slightly clipped, very perfectly pronounced Scottish/Australian patois that denotes civilization. She is the purveyor of a culture that seems alien and at the same time quite at home in a bush conclave of out buildings surrounded by fruit trees; banana, peach, pomegrante and fig.