Sunday, March 24, 2013

Why I Write

          To awaken love and compassion, of course.
One teacher suggested that we don't write enough about the turmoil of our lives, that we need to pick and choose painful moments and write them out in all their vigor.  I know this is a good idea because like so many I avoid recalling the depths of those moments and readers love to be engaged in the midnights of our lives.

However, this evening I want to suggest a way to reach a sense of loving kindness in our lives — the way to reach into our power.

When we believe that we don’t have enough love in us, there is a method for discovering and invoking it.  Go back in your mind and recreate, almost visualize, a love that someone gave you that really moved you, perhaps in your childhood, perhaps yesterday or at some amazing moment in your adult life. 

 Traditionally, you are taught to think of your mother and her lifelong devotion to you, but if you find that problematic, you could think of  anyone who has been deeply kind to you in your life.  Remember a particular instance when a specific individual really showed you love, and you felt their love vividly.

Now let that feeling arise again in your heart, and infuse you with gratitude. As you do so, your love will go out naturally to the person who evoked it.  You will remember then that even through you may not always feel that you have been loved enough, you were loved genuinely once.  Knowing that now will make you  feel again that you are, as that person made  you feel then, worthy of love and really lovable.

And now write the spiritual passage that has somehow eluded you for so long.  
Amazing, huh!