Friday, March 22, 2013

Sunrise Over the Equator - an excerpt

Good morning, America, how are ya?  Don’t ya know me, I’m your native........

When I am in a good mood, even the smallest deed brings me pleasure.  The beauty of the relationships I have with friends in Nordakcotah, California and and in Australia creates a planetary sense of community, an opportunity to be in relationship where ever I travel.  And that is an excellent manner in which to perambulate the globe.  

I realize that dastardly deeds are being done in all kinds of places around the world,  and yet at the same moment on the front porch of a little Sears bungalow or on the back veranda of the old Queensland Colonial gentle breezes move the leaves on the trees, the walnut sprouts forth a darker green, the macadamia produces autumnal fruit and all together the leafy branches  ward off the sun.
Graham is sleeping peacefully in Brissy where I will join him in six weeks.  His support provides a sense of equiniminity. Julie provides a beautiful space in which to wake in the morning. Sarah offers the enthusiasm of her young life and at the same time takes good care of her own needs.  Matt wanders the globe in search of human canvas on which to plant his artform, and Tina cuddles with her newborn.