Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Strahan Tasmania - a lovely village in the summertime

Strahan Tasmania - Australia

The Esplanade at Strahan in the far west of Tasmania, the little island state of Australia which sits just south of the Bass Strait has skies that might make a vacationer tremble.  The light from what must be a sunset or late afternoon break in the clouds is evocative of what the harbour offers to shipping and fishing vessels in the southern ocean.

Strahan is located about mid west coast.  Farther south is the great SouthWest of Oz, the land of antarctic storms, high winds, higher seas, and cold blasts from the South Pole.  There lie dragons, mate!

But on the early autumn afternoon when we arrived, all was peaceful; the bay a mirror of the last vestiges of civilization in the land that lumber companies have denuded and fishing boats have overfished.  One might not think so to look at this lovely photo, but behind the scenes there is much to NOT admire.

Nonetheless, we enjoyed our stay before we moved onto the Copper mines at Queenstown. 

There is much volunteer work going on in this land to attempt to save what has not yet been plundered.  And those volunteers deserve the financial and political support of us all. Here is a website for your consideration:

The beauty of tree ferns, multiple versions of euclyptus and clear rapids makes my heart sing.  Clear cutting would destroy this entire forest and all the creatures within.

Our short time spent in Tasmania this past week has enhanced my appreciation for all that is wild! May you someday make the journey yourself.