Monday, March 25, 2013

North to America

Arrived home on Friday morning at 9:15 full hour before I left Brisbane on Friday morning.  Love the international dateline. Hated losing a day going west, but love gaining it back upon my return.   

The plane ride was uneventful. A couple of young vivacious drinking Aussie lads behind me, a lovely young university student mom and her five year old daughter besides me, and some pretty darn good service en route.  

Movies were Relatively Calm, a British movie based on a Noel Coward film - clever witty, and entertaining, Keeping the Faith which I have already seen, but which was easy to watch again, and Nurse Betty which was just beyond my attention - so foolish, and a Discovery channel piece on care stealing in the U.S. 

The young woman beside me asked if I noticed that all the criminals were black or Hispanic? We talked of the wisdom of showing a piece of lawlessness in the U.S. to arriving visitors.

I don't think I actually slept. I tried, but the night is short coming back and I don't ever seem to be able to sleep in daylight. Well, not until I got home.Slept for twelve hours yesterday. Woke refreshed and feel pretty good today.  My body is still on Australian time., your time.