Thursday, March 28, 2013

Love You; Love Your Genius

         While boiling water for tea, it occurred to me that you are Dorothy's wizard from Oz.  Do you know the story? Frank Baum gave the Wizard some very special characteristics, kind of like those I have "given" you.

 Given is the word 'cause every time I share with you how amazing I find your talents, you downplay them and suggest that "anybody" might be the same. You expostulate for instance that any mechanic could do all the work you do.
Well, the Wizard of Oz had folks convinced that he was one mighty genius, but in truth it appeared that he was just an ordinary man in a halloween costume. Finally, however, it becomes clear that the Wizard really is a genius. He has a talent no one in his world can match—he has the ability to read people and help by pointing them in the direction they need to go in order to manifest their own best "self".

Your own most amazing ability lies not in your ability to wield tools or solve lighting problems or build houses.  Your real genius is that you model a calm, even keeled problem solving demeanor, that you live your life according to the lessons you have learned which means that you value what is most important and then with the most amazing integrity do not let others intervene and turn you into someone you are not.  You look for the best in others and quietly assume that they will all manifest that "best" with the same quiet confidence with which you face each new day with your friend the ButcherBird...your alter ego.
You value that which cannot be replaced and that which is most tender and sweet in life.  Laughter and wit, joy and comraderie balanced with the making of a living.  Your time is spent doing what you enjoy and even those tasks which are onerous are turned into problem solving moments which enhance everyone else's sense of well being. It is a joy
to be in your space because you unfailingly turn a routine situation into a joyous occasion.