Friday, March 15, 2013

1 January 2004

A Love Poem

         After we talked last night on the phone, I sat and wrote the following in my journal.  

Tears..There they are: all the cliches about tears emptying blue eyes - dredging from the depths of my vocal chords my ability to murmer apologies for once again being the "drama queen"
Swearing in one breath - murmuring intimate nuzzlings the next - such confusion --
Why did unknown forces bring us together if the razor wire of distance and circumstance  separates us?
 I want his huge thumbs on my back now!
 I want his sweet subtle teasing now.             
 I want his sleepy crossness filling my empty spaces.
 I want to feel complete beneath his powerful self -
 I want to sing my song of satisfaction:
                  short, shrill moans of ecstacy.. 

There are depths below the heights that I can only visit in his company, the fullness of life manifests only in his presence.