Monday, February 25, 2013

What a Bunch of Voyeurs

The Scotswoman and I have met; we have shared our angst, and we have determined that it is appropriate to share our heart-rending. Obviously life for the ex-pat is not easy.  There are hurdles that I, who came from without and  who now lives within, could imagine. I wonder how many folks who never leave their home country would be interested in reading a book about those of us who venture to other continents? 

Hopefully there are several, maybe a hundred thousand or more.  Only that number would make this process profitable.  But then, I'm absolutely sure that making money is not what it is all about.  It is about therapy, writing therapy.  Write it down and lessen the intensity of the feeling, unless, of course, it heightens those feelings because, after all, we are dredging from places otherwise unaccounted for.

My friend Anne shared with me that although my writing is good, people do not buy books to find out about bird life.  They buy books to wallow in empathy or delight at the throes of those of us who do write.

What a bunch of voyeurs!  :)