Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sunrise Over the Pacific - the backstory

An auspicious day with which to begin the third stage of my life!

Waking in the morning a mile closer to the sun - Monster, my life is in so many ways in your hand.

I retired officially and completely from teaching on 31 January 2002.  I traveled south to the Mayans and their ancient civilizations as interpreted by the youth of the Americas - Marco and Sarah.

There I discovered tht I have a tendency to expect the 'best'; the 'goodness' of people and the best part of the bestness is that they deliver.

There are many thoughts to share.

To begin - there is the coincidence of having brought this little book which I didn't realize was devoted to Shinoda-Bolen - the Jungian archetype lady. I must reread to discover which archetype or set of archetypes I am just now imploring for direction.

Even here in the midst of ancient civilizations my communications needs are met by the generous thoughtfulness of Marco who brought his lap top home so I could check my mail.

And this morning I am given the respite of a few hours to myself to reflect in my journal about the meaning of these two days.  Surely, rising at 3 a.m. to travel into a new beginning sets the stage.

Certainly, leaving  a new culture to travel to an old civilization, perhaps the most advanced in some aspects on the planet, whether Mayan or Catholic. And what of me? What is my spiritual journey, my secular path, my endowment to myself, my passion?