Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Am Fortunate

Time for a little musing.  We've been in the great green south for two weeks as of yesterday.  Jet lag no longer organizes my days. Birdsong is constant.  As I type lorikeets worry the fruits of the trees in my neighborhood and quarrel with one another constantly. 

Yesterday a silver crested cockatoo sprang into action, swooping into the top limbs of the Morton Bay Fig in our back garden.  Everyone else vacated to nearby treetops to await his departure.  He squawked as only a cockatoo can squawk, alerting the entire universe to his arrival and then swooped away to the northeast. 

Rain has covered us like a warm doona (quilt) for the past two days.  What a delightful if dreary excuse for not weeding the garden.  Instead I finished A Turn of Mind and wrote a GoodBooks review which I sent off to everyone who knows me on that site.

Today I downloaded samuri-soduku.  Happiness is a puzzle!  And I spoke on line to a woman I would love to edit my manuscript.  She says probably no, but she has others who might consider.  Others do not have her presence.  Of this I am certain; nor do they have her ageless wisdom.  Why do I assume this about a person who lives half way round the world, a woman I have never met?  Because she has character.  And my experience with women of character is that they will understand what I am all about and what I aim to accomplish with my writing.

And so, this is NOT an exciting entry, but few of mine are.  Excitement for the seventy-two year old comes in different ways than it does with younger humans.  A thirty minute video of the earth taken from outer space thrills me, brings me to tears as I consider what we are doing to the great mother.

Children playing in a pool for a birthday party two houses down; the nerve rattling screams of joy make my heart sing.  I often forget that such energy fills the lives of some adults on a regular basis.

A television station that celebrates pregnancy by encouraging news readers to remain on staff and before the camera gives me hope. 

Life is one long celebration; I am a fortunate one!