Tuesday, February 26, 2013

8 January 2001

Today after happy interludes the Australian biked at 5:30.  I slept til 7:30 and then traveled via the light carriage into town to pick up equipment for Monday’s job and then shopped at Woolies after a glance at the Australian son's Cherry Charger. 

Flowers, native blooms, decorate the table.  Ginger fills the pantry and the cool breeze wafts over the veranda table top.

We went to Lone Pine Preserve to see kangaroos, wallabys in pouch as well as out, kolas to the extreme. Dingos, Imu,  Cassowary, wombats, flying fox all wrapped up in daytime wear,  Tasmanian devils asleep, womabats fast asleep and still more koalas with babies munching supper.

It has been a wonderful day concluded with a talk of running records and pleasure in one another’s companionship.