Thursday, February 28, 2013

31 December 2000

The end of the millennium.

On a long trek in the wilderness, a tiny black leach took advantage of my innocence.  Rescued just in the nick of time by the Aussie  amongst the primeval forests of Binna Burra.

Later  whip birds and king parrots joined us near cliffs overlooking pastoral valleys and gum tree forests stretching almost to the horizon.  Beyond them, the beaches of the gold coast in the distant cloud banks demarking the edge of the continent.

Moderate warmth and humidity replaced the intermittent showers and overcast skies.  The rain forest creates a fecundity, a reminder that life without humans is entirely possible.

Filigree pine, a reminiscent variety with thin supple branches like lithe digger pines of the San Joaquin/Sierra foothills surround us.

Red earth mixed with myriad eucalyptus leaves creates slippery trails surrounded by bottlebrush trees and stay-a-while vines.  The canopy protects us from rain drops while the whip bird entertains.

The high-pressure winds create a symphony to accompany the dancing tendrils of eucalyptus branches.