Saturday, January 05, 2013

- - - - - - - - Watarrka Sunrise - - - - - - An Intrinsic/Extrinsic Journey for INFJs

I've spent the week writing query letters to agents in an attempt to entice someone to take on the task of selling Watarrka Sunrise to a publisher.  I won't send out my emails til 10 January.  Give 'em some time to celebrate before expecting anyone to click on the slushpile of emails.

I do know that the agents themselves in most cases don't read these emails.  An assistant sorts through.

I am also working on a marketing plan to sell Watarrka.  And you are part of that plan.  Enough beta readers have read my manuscript to convince me that it's not just written by a Meyers-Briggs Personality Sorter INFJ; the book probably will only appeal to an INFJ reader.  What does that mean?

It means that the story is not one full of overt conflict.  Yes, it contains more than a few tense moments and a passel of conflict resolutions dealing with underlying tension.  But, no matter the accepted rule that all fiction or narrative non-fiction has to have overt conflict; this book is an INFJ perception of the universe. 

There is enough internal tension created in the mind of the protagonist who recalls vividly her aunt's accolade. ' Oh if my little one grows up to be as good a daughter as you are, Demi, I will be thrilled.'

Balderdash!  Whatever did those aunties see?  I know, I know.  Like the rest of us, they saw precisely what they wanted to see.  Humans are predictable.

Demi strives to be perfect - whatever that means - but Demi is an INFJ.  Her choice of traversing the high ground manifests more in terms of mountain terrain than in courageous action. In the beginning she seeks safety, a commodity denied her during most of her life, by waltzing into wilderness which is rife with a lack of what she contends to most want.

And detail.  If you don't like detail, you won't like Demi's world.  She wallows in the beauty and extravagance of nature. If that is a background you enjoy, Demi's trip to Watarrka is one you would enjoy.  You may wish to check it out when it comes to your local bookstore, library, Kindle or Barnes and Noble.