Monday, December 17, 2012


 The little digger purchased just so the Flaxton Handiman could reach nine feet down into the prairie to repair broken water connections for the good folks of our small town sits lonely in the snow.  The frost line for this part of North Dakota is eight feet which means it's rest time for hard working machines like this one.

Looking out our bay windows along our property line, you can see the next house, a slight turquoise trim beyond the trees.  Winter is especially scenic on these foggy days when filigree covers tree limbs and lilac shrubs.  The huge evergreens are tinted with frost glistening when the sun finally breaks through the cloud layer...Blue skies have already invaded our landscape.
And this photo is of the frozen slough, the tiny Nygaard evergreens resting their way through the snows of winter, the Ash broken but not 'boughed' in the overcast of a Sunday morning.

May your Sunday be as cozy and lovely as ours.