Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter Greetings

Wishes for a warm and cozy holiday come from our snug cottage near the center of North America where we are celebrating the longest nights of the year with a glass of Baileys; a bit of Christmas cake; a teasing, Aussie style; American laughter; and reminiscences of joyful times!

cozy prairie home surrounded by frosted cottonwoods, ash, and lilac

March 5 we arrived in Flaxton this year where we found our cozy abode in good condition.  To celebrate May Day, Graham accepted the position of Town Maintenance Man – Little did we know the extent of his responsibilities, which he has cheerfully executed for the past eight months.

In that time much has changed in our little village. We are now 125 lively engaged townsfolk who have not only written Flaxton’s first Planning and Zoning Ordinance, but have also came together to improve the infrastructure of our town as well as repair the lovely Memorial Hall where two fine community celebrations have taken place.  Delicious food, a sleigh ride with Santa — Life is good, if a tad below freezing, on the prairie these days.

We have five more weeks here in the middle of North America before we hop, skip, and fly back to Australia in February. We look forward to the companionship of the Aussies, whom we have missed much in these intervening months.

We do hope that this short note finds each of you healthy, prosperous, and in best of holiday spirits whether it be summer or winter in your world. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Love to all,

Dorothy and Graham

Wintery Flaxton