Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sunny Monday

Not a very creative title to today's blog, but what the hell, the sun is in full force this morning and I'm in celebration mode.

This mid continent prairie so close to the Canadian border is usually a sun lover's paradise.  We get more sunny days in a year than our counterparts in Washington, Minnesota and Wisconsin by far.  But of late, like in the past two weeks, dark clouds have covered that which we worship so often.  That makes a morning like this one and yesterday's as well most welcome.

The temperatures are low.  Two nights ago we reached a -12 and for those of you who don't do fahrenheit that means 44 degrees below freezing. By daybreak though it was up to -8 and by noon we had reached a sultry +8.  Amazing what a difference a few degrees makes.

Both the Aussie and I love it here in winter most of the time — so long as the sun continues to warm the hot house bay windows in our lounge/living room so that the tomato plant can continue to bloom.  Yep, that's right.  We have three yellow flowers that we hope will come to fruit before it is time to vacate this land for spots 'down under' in early February.

So, I know discussions of weather are far too frequent on this blog these days, but you must remember that both of us have lived most of our lives in the lands without seasons - Queensland and Los Angeles - and are delighted at the fact that autumn really brings color to this land and winter gives us reason to celebrate our warm cozy cottage on the prairie.

Be well, celebrate the season.  and know that you are all loved entities.