Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Stale Bread

A couple of years ago we bought a bread machine.  Making such a purchase has a good deal in common with paying good money for an exercise machine.  The first month, the equipment sings. Everyone in the family competes to use it.  And for a bread machine that's even more true.

After all, a Nordic Trak can be only be used for one purpose - well, at least as far as I know.  But the bread machine can make jam, pancakes, cupcakes or christmas cake or just plain bread.  Lots of experimentation.

Fast forward — three years later and not only is the spify little machine lingering on the back shelf, but when it is used, the bread it makes lingers even longer on the front shelf.  As a result, I searched out recipes using stale bread.

My fav is bread pudding, a delightful taste on cold winter evenings and it is cold in my prairie world;-12 yesterday at midnight.

None of this suggests a blog topic.  What does render itself useful, however, is the fact that I've made so many bread puddings that I am these days on automatic pilot in the process.

First I pulled out all of the ingredients; put the milk on to scald, and began to combine the rest of the necessary spices.  Brown sugar 2/3 cup, eggs 3, cinnamon 2 tsp, nutmeg 1/4 tsp, and vanilla, 1 tsp. , mix for one minute, add scalded milk.

As I put the caps back on bottles, I rather unexpectedly noted that the vanilla I had just unceremoniously dumped in the mix was 'garlic juice'.  Same size bottle, same shape!

Throw it away?  Never, but this evening when the 'super sensitive taste buds' of hubby try out the treat, it will be interesting to hear the response...Just thought I'd share.