Saturday, December 08, 2012

Response from the Colonies

The Colonies, you wonder?  Perhaps an explanation.  In Great Britain there are decisions made by the former British colonies who now make up the British Commonwealth — some 54 nations.  These nations send athletes, for instance, to the Commonwealth Games  which began in 1930 and are currently held in one or another of the Commonwealth countries every four years.

And how do I know all of this?  I do spend some time in Australia which is part of the Commonwealth, but mostly I do use Google !

And my reference this morning comes from the fact that a phone call during breakfast came from southern Arizona where one of North Dakota's commonwealth of residents chooses to winter.  In the 2010 census the population of this northern tier state was almost 700,000.  I suspect today as a result of the Bakkan Oil Exploration that the state may be nearing 730,000.

However, in winter this population declines considerably as folks who can afford to travel head for warmer climes for the winter months which can be from November to May.  Yep, it's a long winter.

And some of those folks hungry for news of the great white windy north read everything they can on line about just what is going on in the place from which they have taken exodus.

However, what I discovered this morning is that no matter how much license I believe I am allowed in my reporting on this blog, facts are what is expected.  The questions this morning included, 'What's this about black ice on gravel roads?'

'I mentioned no gravel roads in yesterday's blog entry.'

'What's a secondary road?'

'Oh that! :) Secondary roads are all roads that are not primary roads.  :)  I mean, secondary roads are like King's Highway between Lignite and Powers Lake, not a state highway, but a good paved two lane.'

'And the temperatures?  Did they really reach below zero?'

'Yep, a couple of days ago around 6 a.m. in the darkness of December, my thermometer claims the temps dipped.'

'And the fracking wells, did they cause the power outages?'

'Well, I really don't know.  A little poetic license maybe.'

'Maybe,' deadpanned.

So, the message to the colonists, 'Don't take these entries too seriously.  I'm playing, ya know, just playing.'