Friday, December 28, 2012

Publishing On Line

I've just spent the last six hours looking for information about publishing my manuscript. In fact, what I sought were addresses of new agencys and publishers, ones to whom I had not yet sent a query  letter.  And, I found several.  Well, I found twenty or thirty.

In the process I cut about 150 words from the opening chapter of my manuscript in an attempt to move the pace a bit and follow all the directions about which I was reading on the pages devoted to 'how to publish your novel' by those who have.

It has been an informative afternoon.  The one  thing ( oh, yeah!  I'm using the splendid non-word) I learned though, over and over and over again is that the reason on line or e-publishing is so rampant at the moment is because so many folks are not only publishing on line but because there is an endless supply of web pages, bloggers, agents, etc.etc. trying to help us all figure out the best ways to be successful.  Advice is endless.

And so the process that I began at noon, almost six hours ago, has helped me realize that I could spend the rest of my life reading about 'how to publish' or 'how to be published' and never never actually submit my manuscript for the perusal of an agent or editor or publisher. 

So many folks are ready to help that one might be like Alice - you know the youngster, and never make it out of the maze, the rabbit hole, in time to actually offer one's creativity to anyone at all.

Just thought I'd share the frustration with you as well as some degree of thankfulness that there is someone out there who realizes the real money to be made is not in writing the novel in the first place; the real money is to be made by writing about how to make money.  But, we all knew that; didn't we? ;)