Friday, December 07, 2012

Blow out your candles, Laura

Little House on the Prairie; yep it kinda felt that way this evening.  Well, not really.  We have four good walls lined with R-34 insulation and double paned windows all round along with visiting friends who chose to join us rather than sit in candle light in their own dark abode when the lights when out again.

And it wasn't cause we failed to pay the bill.  I actually paid three months in advance; we are dependent on electricity here in our prairie house.  Furnace is electric and the temps have fallen as low as -4 F one evening this past week with more minus temperatures promised for the coming week end.  

Always prepared, that's the prairie mantra; we have a propane heater hooked up and ready to use when the folks at Montana/Dakota Energy lose patience with the oil well drillers who have a habit of slicing into the power lines in all the excitement of actually reaching a trickle of oil  via their fracking chems a mile under the topsoil.

This is the second time this week that the power has failed.  Two days ago we spent four hours of daylight reading and sudoku solving because the wind was blowing at 30-45 mph through the 18 degree sunlight and I just couldn't quite make myself bundle up that well and besides there wasn't much to do out in the weather anyway.

Tonight it felt very different.  I thought of all the folks who settled this country, who lived in sod houses tunneled into hillocks with only buffalo and steer shit for heat in pot bellied stoves whose chimneys must have let in an awful leak of cold winter air, of folks whose chamber pots must have been on the verge of overflowing before they were carried out into the awful windy cold.

Summer here is mostly delightful.  Winter is death defying if one is unprepared.  We are prepared except for black ice, on secondary roads a rather constant possibility as the temps rise and fall in winter.

Still, I am cozy and happy to be here with a delightful crew and a partner with a sense of humour and an ability to fix absolutely anything.  Wouldn't make it without him.
Summer, summer, summertime - not like winter a'tall