Saturday, December 01, 2012

You're Gonna Think me Nutso - Planning and Zoning Ordinance

Yep, probably you will, but we have worked so well together, we six amazing Flaxton residents who care very much about how our community develops and who have been willing to volunteer our time, effort, wisdom, and good humor every Monday night for the past three months plus a few Wednesday and Friday evenings thrown in for good measure, that I want to share the beginning of our document with you all - the entire cyberverse who just might be interested in how one creates a plan for a prairie community that has doubled in size in the last two years and tripled in size in the last five years.

I feel so much gratitude to the residents, to the mayor, to the children of this little town who have been welcoming to many of us who have arrived here in search of ways to make a living and join a community.  North Dakota is an extra ordinary spot on the planet. I am grateful.

And here are the first few pages of our work: Just so the rest of you know that we really really did do this deed!

Flaxton Planning and Zoning Ordinance
Unapproved by City Council
Public Copy
12 December 2012


This comprehensive plan is established by the Flaxton Planning/Zoning Commission with technical assistance from City Attorney, Benjamen Johnson.

* * *
2.6 Existing Lots of Record:
A. Any lot record existing at the effective date of this ordinance held in separate ownership different from the ownership of adjoining lots may be used for the erection of a structure conforming to the use regulations of the district in which it is located except as set forth hereafter

2.7 Residential Development:

A. No lot shall contain more than one principle residential building or  dwelling

C. No residential dwelling unit shall exceed thirty-five (35) feet in height.                                            
D. Non attached Accessory buildings shall be limited to fifteen (15) feet in  height and be located at least two (2 )feet from all lot lines.

2.9 Traffic, Safety and Alleyway
A. No material or shrubs that are an impediment to visibility more than three (3) feet above the curb level shall be created or maintained at the  intersection of any street.

 B. Property owners shall be responsible to trim overhanging tree and shrublimbs along alleyways. Except for unloading or firecall, no vehicle shall be parked  or allowed to remain parked in any alley so as to obstruct a sidewalk or alley or crosswalk or to obstruct any fire hydrant or fire fighting equipment or personnel.

2.10 Sewer and Water Regulations:
            To protect the public health, control water pollution and reduce nuisance and odor, all new developments with the City of Flaxton shall be connected to the city sewer and water system. Construction and use of privies and cesspools and use of recreation vehicle chemical toilets shall be prohibited within the zoning limits of the City of Flaxton without City Council approval and evidence of compliance with State Health regulations.

And so on and so forth!!  Happy Days