Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tuesday - We travel tomorrow

Been busy.  Nanowrimo has kept me distracted.  I have 29,000 words so far..only 20,000 more to go, more or less.  And the Planning and Zoning Ordinance for my community is finished except for the last edits which must be completed for a week Wednesday. 

Weather has been cooperating. Kind of.  Above freezing almost or totally  during the daytimefor most of the past week .  Strange how fast 33 degrees F seems warm.  Throwing off the comforters from the bed because the house is too hot when the thermostat is set at 50 degrees F.

Love acclimiaizing.  Good for the blood.  And did I mention the sunsets and sunrises..spectacular at both ends of the spectrum.  And it's good because sunrise doesn't come til just after 8 a.m. and sunset is very close to 5 p.m. 

Both the Australian and I are enjoying the daylight hours and struggling to find stuff to do during the night times.  Meetings help and there have been plenty of those in light of the work we've done on the Planning Doco.

Whilst I worry over words, the Aussie puts new glass in the city tractor so that winter winds won't freeze the operator in the coming months of street snow clearing. 

No end to the work we both have available. 

But tomorrow we celebrate with a flight to Phoenix/Mesa airport and a long drive to Flagstaff to enjoy the companionship, laughter, and love of family. Hooray for this holiday.

Hope you all have a joyous week end with those you love.

Catch you next week with a report on the trip from border to border..that means we live five miles south of the Canadian border and the airport to which we are traveling is 140 miles north of the Mexican border..good to see this slice of America from on high..