Sunday, November 11, 2012

Snowy Saturday

Woke to 6-8 inches of snow and that means QUIET.  No cars zoomed down our street this morning.  Only one set of tracks distrubed the lovely white way.  Woke slowly to overcast, but brilliant overcast if you can imagine.  The reflection from snow drifts and rime ice on all the branches in town created fairy tale fantasies.

I probably should have shoveled my way out of the house and headed to the Senior Center to make coffee.  After all, it is Saturday morning.  But dreamily lazy was the mood.  I just enjoyed my coffee, changed the flannel sheets, put the new blue down blanket on the bed and wandered aimlessly for a while.

I love the first snows.  We were prepared by shopping the day before.  Not that our cupboards are ever very bare.  Oatmeal was particularly tasty and the breezes were soft.

About 4:30, just before dark descended, I did my tour of town.  The fire at the old school house still bellows smoke into the atmosphere from some deep blaze that is gumming up the basement works of the now demolished buildings.  The kids had just come out to play for a bit.  Warmly dressed in heavy duty rubber boots, good gloves, and hoodies to die for, they were in the midst of a snow ball contest. 

I walked on, arrived home with cold fingers and promised that next time I would wear mittens instead of gloves and here I am bragging about our lovely corner of the planet where life is good and white and somehow pristine.  Temperatures are to drop to 6 F tonight..May our water lines stay unfrozen.

And may your Veterans Day be as delightful as ours will be.