Sunday, October 21, 2012

You Want Something Exciting?

Good luck cause I'm not so sure that I have exciting tonight.  Spent the afternoon repainting three walls of our house Manhatten Mist - that's a super pale blue/white. Actually, I was just trying to cover the insect poop that scoured the beautiful cedar boards of the house. 

I kept trying to remember the last time I had painted the house and seems to me it was three years ago. The gusty winds, sleet, and winter temperatures take a huge toll on the 100 year old cedar even though we had scraped it entirely before priming and repainting it the first time. 

It does look lovely though - it's the kind of lovely that others won't understand.  I mean, from the street you can't tell that I did anything, but up close and personal, like standing at the front door with hand raised to ring the bell, you'd notice that the cobwebs and insect poop no longer decorate like Christmas Wreaths.

The real results though have to do with my very tired upper body - you know the muscles we use to paint - over and over and over again..My neck knows it has had a work out.  Sleep will be much appreciated eager to hit the flannels for a change.

Hope you are well..we expect snow and sleet on Monday with more on Tuesday and Thursday.  Winter is upon the border.  Last wind dried sheets have been washed and dried in the breeze and returned to the beds this late arvo...Fragrance to die for will sooth our tired muscles and woo us into blissful sleep..May your either be the same or may you have awakened from such lovely sleeping accommodations.