Thursday, October 25, 2012

VOTE - Heide Heitcamp - - - - - -North Dakota's Best for the Senate

Heidi Heitcamp has been labeled the underdog since the beginning of her campaign for the Senate. 

Her opponent was so 'cock' sure of winning that he didn't even begin to campaign until the last week or so and what a smear job it's been.  Lies come in my mail everyday.  I don't mean in my e-mail.  I mean in my post office box.  Ugly, hateful, untruthful flyers on glossy black paper sit atop my otherwise expected mail.

The people of North Dakota have surprised me in the past and I'm sure hoping they will once again surprise the national pundits who have pulled millions of dollars into this race in an attempt to keep their phoney balooney fella in Washington.  This guy voted every time in support of the Tea Party agenda.  Didn't matter who else was affected, his vote went with the folks who pay less taxes than the rest  of us.

I am so hoping that just as they saw through the Koch brothers attempt to outlaw property taxes so that their corporations could pay less and less and less to do business in North Dakota that the voters here will see through the storm and druum of this latest campaign and vote for Heidi.

She's intelligent, compassionate, energetic, a woman who balances her work in such a way as to do the very best for the very largest number of us here in North Dakota.

VOTE out the wormy wrich..VOTE in the intelligent problem solver...Heidi Heitcamp