Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Puffy whites are surfing the vast blue above my window this morning.  Temps are warm by October prairie standards - at least this year.

Rain peppered the blue spruce last night, just enough to break the long autumn drought.  The lilacs are still green despite an almost killing frost a few days back.

All the potted plants including the tomatoes that still have fragile yellow blossoms on board are slurping up the filtered sunshine slipping between clouds through my cathedral windows.  Only issue is dragging the water up from the reverse osmosis machine in the kitchen to make sure everyone is fully wet.

Life is good.  No complaints.  Lots to consider as tonight is the Planning and Zoning meeting.  Preparations are under way to take a long look at what 'single family residental' areas ought to look like.

Hope your world is as comfy and lovely as ours. Be well