Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Winter Slips Across the Border Just Ahead of All Hallows Day

Autumn is slipping into the background.  Cold breezes slide across the Canadian border to chill our enthusiasm for all things outdoors.  The Australian continues his schedule.  Today he pressure washed the second side of the Memorial Hall roof  in preparation for reslurrying the surface.  He does all this in the midst of sprinkles of snow and less than 40 degrees of fahrenheit temperatures.  The man has an internal heater beyond my imagination.

At the same time, I find myself recovering from my second bout with flu and snotty sinuses...but both are on the better side of improvement.  I actually slept almost all last night in a reclining position, impossible for the previous six nights.  Hooray for recovery.

There is much to do to prepare for the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting tomorrow night.  However, the hard stuff is completed.  Talked with the City Attorney this afternoon.  He is ready to read our work to determine if it is legally accurate.

The snow birds are packing up and heading south. Some geese visit the slough, a few mallards remain, but generally the feathered flock is missing from the view of my upstairs window.  Hopefully moose season has come to an end.  Deer will be next - lovely fawn eyes will soon be more careful about where they take their daytime naps.

And we, we are busy preparing soups and bread pudding to sustain us on the shorter and shorter days and longer and longer nights.

I am feeling positive, pleased that our community is supporting action that will keep us on the track to growth.  More and more folks are becoming involved, each with an agenda, most of which are thoughtful and positive.  Looks like we may weather this 'oil boom' in the 'patch' and come out the other side happier with the results than any of us thought we would be.  Listening to dissenting voices sharing their points of view is one of the perks of volunteering.  We are blessed.

It is with sadness that I report that early this morning it was discovered that we lost the wisdom of Marlowe Koster.  May he meet his beloved wife quickly in the place upon which I am sure they agreed I will miss him and only wish that I had known her.