Tuesday, October 09, 2012

A Letter to the Editor

Dave Caldwell
Lifestyle Editor
Minot Daily News
301 4th Street SE
Minot, ND 58702

Dear Dave,
I'm aware that folks in northwestern North Dakota quilt.  And after a visit to Bernina Plus on Main Street in Minot I have a much better understanding of why those quilters choose  this well stocked shop.

On Saturday afternoon I stopped in because my beautiful $500 nylon/goose down winter jacket sprang a leak as I stepped out of Menards at the other end of town.  Down sprang from the tear in the breast of my jacket and danced in the wind. 

I pulled the jacket off, wrapped it into a ball and stuck it behind the passenger seat of my SUV just before I headed downtown to the Gourmet Chef shop for three pounds of the best espresso beans  in town for my coffee maker.

I headed for my car, shivering without my warm downy jacket. There I was standing before Bernina Plus, a shop I hadn't noticed previously. As I entered, it appeared no one was home.  I wandered down the narrow hallway decorated with appealing, colorful quiltsas a smiling fellow stepped out of the office and offered assistance.

I explained my dilemma.  He suggested I check out the black fabric in room #2. I explained I had not brought my jacket into the shop because the flighty down would have covered his merchandise.

He urged me to bring in the jacket after I selected a quarter yard of fabric at a cost of sixty cents,
sprayed it with fabric adhesive, and on his Bernina sewing machine hemmed a slice of my just purchased fabric and then sewed the patch onto my jacket.

Gary Pickett, sewing machine repairman extraordinaire and North Country Express's steel guitar player not only saved me $500- the cost of a new North Face Down Jacket, he made a fast friend and a loyal customer.  His kind consideration, charming sense of humor, and excellent problem solving are certainly the stuff of North Dakota merchants. 

I applaud his business acumen and his skill as a human being.  May the shop prosper.  You ought to stop in next time you have a fabric problem that needs solution. In the meantime, I hope you will include my letter in the Lifestyles section of the paper.  These folks deserve a vote of approval in this election season.

Sincerely, Annielaural