Friday, September 14, 2012

Searching out TV Programs with which to Weather the Winter

Aye, the sun rises later and sets earlier these mid September days and I, I have just been perusing the possible entertainment available on line so that the long autumn evenings and longer winter nights will seem less dark.

As I may have reported earlier, we have no television - on purpose.  However, that doesn't mean we eschew television.  Rather it means that we are selective, that we choose the shows we prefer and pass over the chaff.  It is so much easier to be discerning when one isn't forced to hit the 'off' button on the remote.  Instead, one is forced to make selections, to research in advance and then schedule the best hours to enjoy.

And that is what I have just been doing.  Discovered that Game of Thrones will not be back on line 'til the end of March.  I do miss the drama of it all, love almost every character in the past several seasons, even the ones I am supposed to disavow.  It is a meticulous production and I suppose it will be so again since they are taking time once again to produce the best possible sturm and drum.

I am also looking forward to Mad Men, and of course Good Wife and am wondering about the new television show that will feature the ms poster child himself.  His work on Good Wife was excellent. I am thinking that we may all see first hand the effects of 'stem cell treatment' unfold before our very eyes.  What a wonderment.  I do hope so.

For pure bullshit entertainment, I love The Mentalist.  The writing is mediocre but the formula works because the Aussie star has just the right hutzpa to remind me of my southern hemisphere home.

Ah and that reminds me to mention once again that we depart the great white north on 3 February.  Hope to catch up with a few of you on our way south next early year.  We should be gone only for a short while - time to either sell or re-rent the Brisbane Colonial and then return to our abode near the Canadian border.