Friday, September 28, 2012

Quick Post

In the middle of the day..can't ya just hear the lyrics..?? NO!! Darn..

Anyhow, my purpose is to write some salient, savvy lines that somehow convince an agent or publisher whom I have queried today about The Veteran Abecedarian, An Ironic Tale and who chooses to check out my blog that my work is worth consideration. 

Not gonna happen, you say!  Probably right.  I'm just not sure how to present myself in this space other than in the eclectic manner in which I have expressed myself for the past few years. Over fifteen thousand hits on this blog ought to convince  'em that what I have to offer impresses a few folks. 

Oh, that's not how it works?  Damn.  Just cause folks stop in doesn't mean they read what they came to find and/or took joy or meaning out of that reading.

Guess you're right.  So instead of trying to impress, I'll just quietly suggest that my manuscript, mentioned above, has been written on behalf of all the 'oldies', the women over the age of 70 who have raised children, built community in their neighborhoods, kept a garden, baked pies and cookies, loved wilderness, wrote poetry, traveled across the globe in search of adventure and spiritual sustenance.  Our world is the center of the larger circle of civilization.  We are the ones who hold the cosmos together in some tattered sort of way.  The warp of fabric owes its strength to our virtue, our love, our energy, the gifts we've offered to the larger picture.  Congrats, girls.  We've pretty much done a yeowoman like job.