Sunday, September 02, 2012

Colbert and Jon Stewart - Political irony

I have to admit that I'm hooked on these two late night presenters of irony and political commentary.

Let me start by confessing that I have no television set in my house.  So, I must wait a day or so to see the latest late night TV.  Last night - Friday - with my hubby I watched the Thursday night coverage of the Republican Convention offered up as entertainment by Comedy Central on my computer screen.  It's a big one designed to allow us to sit back and enjoy the evening criticisms comfortably.

But last night, both hubby and I were surprised to note that the interviewees of the evening were the previous Head of the Republican Party and a previous applicant for the position of Republican Candidate for the Presidency, Jon Huntsman.

Whew!..what an interesting exchange between the comedians and the politicos..I recommend.

I was also surprisingly aware that David Brooks, Mr. New York Times Conservative Commentator and Reporter, had an ironic, rather sarcastic op ed column this week.

Surely, the party of Lincoln and Eisenhower is wandering in a breach in the dike.  The intellectuals are disavowing a connection with the current selection of candidates and not keeping quiet about it. 

One can only assume that the schism is far greater than is immediately obvious. Glad I'm not a mouse on the edge of the carpet as conversations rage inside the party these days.  The 'blue' noise might be a bit more than I am accustomed to hearing.

Please note that I am attempting to 'not prate on' about my own political position - just want to assert that this is the first time I have been a break in the ranks to this degree around Convention time.