Monday, August 20, 2012

Truth in Politics as Well as in Science

Don'cha just love theory that opens itself up to scrutiny.  Don'cha just wish politicos would do the same, that we had not only the right but the avenue to challenge the nonsense that some politicos spout. Oh, I realize there are web sites on which we can post or search for non-truths that are claimed in the political arena, but the problem is that so few of us actually take the opportunity to do so.

It is my experience that folks believe whatever suits their preconceived notions of reality rather than take the risk of finding that those preconceptions may well be folklore rather than truthlore.  Truthiness reigns in politics more often than truth tellers.

Polifacts is a website you might want to check:

Snopes is another:

If you enjoy finding out how to tell when a politico is lying in the first place:

I find The League of Woman Voters apt at providing unvarnished truths:

As well, I seek information from The Christian Science Monitor who seem to present a balanced view of the news.  You may wish to check them out:

If there are other websites that ought to be included in this list, please comment below.  I'll check them out and add if they are valid sources of 'truth'.