Friday, August 31, 2012

Cute, huh?  Just a way to begin to share with you what an unusual day this has been.  Let me start this morning.  I was supposed to call League of Cities to find out what constituted a forum for a City Council meeting.  We have three City Council members and a Mayor.  One of the counselors had indicated that s/he might not be able to attend our next scheduled meeting.  Please note the 'our'.  I have taken a keen interest in the proceedings of this Council for a variety of reasons mostly centered around the attempt of rapacious developers to move into our community to turn once vacated houses into 'man camps' - houses which once had three bedrooms suddenly are houses with fourteen or fifteen bedrooms, each one rented out at a cost of some $500-$750 a night for each resident. 

Profits!  Damn profits could ruin the quiet, community supported environment in which we live. 

I became deeply involved in attempting to stop this rape of Flaxton.  I know, 'Good luck with that, sister.'

So, I've been agitating.  I agitate rather effectively as some of you know.  However, as you also may know, events don't always turn as I intend.  It is important that they turn as I intend this time or I'm going to be looking for a new home in America - not a bad thing, but we have grown fond of the good folks in this community and dearly love the beauty of our prairie.

It's late at the moment and so I'll finish this tale on the morrow.  11:38 in the evening is late enough for a beginning but not quite early enough for an ending.  Catch you on the morrow.