Monday, August 27, 2012

Another little piece of humility

Here we go..Carl's wisdom so well stated once again.

 I am confused by the inability of Tea Party folks who refuse to be influenced by science.  I do realize that we must not generalize and assume that all Tea Party folk subscribe to the incantations of a few, but the current platforms of the Republican Party strongly assert not only a disinterest in science but also a rather profound subscription to the idea that science is to be disbelieved or disregarded. 

What kind of a nation have we become that we allow such nonsense to take the stage of  our national attention?  How poor is our educational system that it produces folks who actually choose to follow the precepts of a 2000 - 5000 year old entities when modern science has so thoroughly disproved the rantings of the books these folks call HOLY.

I suppose holey is accurate.  These books are full of ideas that dig holes for our intellect.  Many of these potholes of information have been filled by scientific data which has improved our modes of travel to the point that we have a much more accurate and effective understanding of how this planet and the denizen thereof function.

I can only assume that the Tea Party leaders, like their predecessors in the Catholic Church in the 1500s, believe there is money to be made by keeping their followers in a state of ignorance.

Sigh.  Is it too much to ask people to actually research and think for themselves instead of allowing someone else to do the hard work for them?  For some it seems so.