Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Little Relaxed Music Please

Ah, so the wedding is over, the goodies all packed; we've arrived home after six weeks of travel through some of the most beautiful country the earth goddess has to offer.  And to what have we returned?  Believe it or not, the prairie is a palette of blue flax and yellow canola back dropped by a baby blue sky framed with sixty story high fluffy clouds.

It is good to be home again and difficult to deal once again with humidity.  After three weeks in the dry alpine air of California's Sierra Nevada, my skin is once again soft, the wrinkles have dissipated and I glow from ten a.m. til 5 p.m. when the cooler early evening air wafts through the house.

I include here a picture of the three siblings for whom the wedding was a celebration.  Sarah, the bride, Tina, the big sister, and Matt, the lil bro came to enjoy the party, support the bride and groom and generally have a fine time together. 

I am a pleased mom, so proud of them all.  The wedding ceremony was a fabulous success, enjoyed by everyone.

thank you, Ben and Sarah..