Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Erik Erikson in the midst of a Wedding celebration

Home again, home again, jiggidy, jig!  Empty hollows behind the eyelids, do you recognize that feeling?  Not quite enough sleep, but not quite sleepy.

It's been a long journey from Nordacotah to the Sierra of California, through Flagstaff, Arizona, for one of the most important ceremonies of my daughter's lifetime - signaling long term commitment to another whom she loves and enjoys, with whom she sees herself hiking the perilous ledges of relationship.

Enjoying a family reunion as well as the union with another family not only extends one's awareness of what is important but allows for a little introspection about what the remaining few years of acute living have in store. In the end I hope we all arrive at the final celebration - a chemical change that provides the opportunity to have one's various parts actually join  the universal - a fine mist of ashes sprinkled over my favorite granite and fir forest.  Just the thought of my loved one's taking a part in Janet's ceremony makes my heart sing.

And so it is comfortable to think of each of my children securely on their way to life adventures that not only enhance their own sense of self, but also the sense of community in those places where they reside.

Hopefully, tonight when I lay my head on my duck down pillow and pull the fine cotton sheets over my midrift, I'll be fantasizing a future for each of those I love that offers them a sense of accomplishment beyond my own sense of having made contributions that give me pause to smile in retrospect.

Interesting that Erikson understood the final stages of life for us humans so very well.  I admire his perspecuity.

 generativity vs. stagnation in late middle ages followed by an interesting choice: integrity vs despair