Monday, July 23, 2012

Can Do Nation - Are Americans Anymore?

 What follows is an excerpt from a NY Times article from Sunday.  If you agree with me that our schools are failing many American youngsters by insisting that everyone 'ought' to go to college, you may find the research behind this article worth a read.

Here's the link:

A Nation That’s Losing Its Toolbox

"Ask the administration or the Republicans or most academics why America needs more manufacturing, and they respond that manufacturing spawns innovation, brings down the trade deficit, strengthens the dollar, generates jobs, arms the military and kindles a recovery from recession. But rarely, if ever, do they publicly take the argument a step further, asserting that a growing manufacturing sector encourages craftsmanship and that craftsmanship is, if not a birthright, then a vital ingredient of the American self-image as a can-do, inventive, we-can-make-anything people."