Saturday, May 12, 2012

Phew! Beware of Psychological Typos

And what is this all about?  A correction on a post from a year ago.  Thank goodness a reader brought it to my attention.  I typed Obama when I meant to type Osama -- ouch!!

And now back to our regular programing:

Have had four readers on The Manuscript.  All are published writers and all commented on my chapter one.  It is devastating to discover that I write fiction as badly as I seem to.

In an attempt to correct the error of my ways - please excuse the cliche`, I am going to rewrie each chapter as a short story and see if I can create a dramatic arc.  If I limit myself to a certain number of words, let's say six thousand and make each story a complete entity unto itself, I may be more successful - however, there is the fact that I have yet to get a short story published either.  And I've sent many off.  No telling if this will improve the interest level of the story.

Nonetheless, I cannot quite see myself rewriting the chapters and in the midst of such an endeavor giving up all my 'darlings'.  I have many!

BTW, the picture in today's blog entry is of the Flaxton Clean Up Day, last Saturday.  Let the cleaning of the community serve as a metaphor for my clean up my writing life.