Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another North Dakota Surprise

The New York Times has done it again; surprised me!  The picture above and the link below are for a travel article in today's Times.  The first photo was taken in North Dakota and I'm just jazzed to find it. You may wish to read the article as well.  Here's the addy:

It's almost seven in the evening and I've just come in from a two mile walk out to the fairgrounds on the county road across the slough.  My first view of goslings!  Been watching mom and dad guard the nest for a couple of weeks now.  The goose stands guard most times in the middle of the road.  He's not afraid of much, but politely steps aside when I pass on my evening walk.  On the other side of the road a three some are aptly taking care of another clutch of eggs.  I'm sure soon they too will be proud parents and I'll be seeing them with mom in front and dad and male cohort taking up the rear as they paddle across the water towards the setting sun.

And to add another surprise to the day I report that as the Aussie was going out to check the water supply for the town this early morning, what to his wondering eyes should appear but a full grown female moose sauntering up First Street which is really our main drag.  Long legs took the beauty soon out of reach of the camera so I have no photos, but I promise we'll keep it close in future in case she decides to return.

Spring is truly sprunging in our world..hopefully with joy in yours as well.